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Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee

Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee, 2016

The Great Artesian Basin Fact Sheet


About the fact sheet

The primary role of the Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee (GABCC) is to provide advice from community organisations and agencies to State, Northern Territory and Australian government ministers on efficient, effective and sustainable whole-of-Basin resource management; and to coordinate activity between stakeholders.

Specific responsibilities of GABCC are outlined on the website, and include work in Great Artesian Basin (GAB) relevant areas of program management, policy, planning, technical activity and research, and communication.

Membership of GABCC comprises:

  • an independent Chair
  • all government agencies with responsibilities for managing parts of the GAB, and technical support community representatives nominated by government agencies - these also share membership with State GAB advisory bodies in NSW, Qld and SA
  • sector representatives including agriculture, environment, local government, Indigenous, mining and petroleum.

The GABCC has a Secretariat that organises meetings and supports progress of GABCC business between meetings. The Secretariat includes a Facilitator and Secretary, and also handles administrative matters.

The GAB underlies all or parts of 18 natural resource management (NRM) regions, so the Committee is building links to regional NRM organisations.

If you would like to know more about how your interests are represented on GABCC, or to contact someone about issues of concern to you, please contact the GAB Secretariat.