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The Committee

Picture of committeeGreat Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee members, December 2016

The primary role of the Committee is to provide advice from community organisations and sectoral agencies to relevant Australian and State/Territory government Ministers on efficient, effective and sustainable whole-of-Basin resource management, and to coordinate activity between stakeholders.

Membership of the Committee comprises of community and sector representatives. The Committee meets each year in a range of urban and regional locations and produces an Annual report.

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Community and Sector members

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Ms Juanita Hamparsum, Acting Chair

Juanita Hamparsum was appointed Acting Chair of Committee from 1 July 2013 and has been the Regional Community Agricultural representative since 2011.

Juanita works on her family farm near Breeza producing a variety of irrigated and broadacre crops. She has a Bachelor of Business degree and is a Chartered Accountant.

Juanita has a number of different board positions utilising her professional skills in primary production, finance and accounting, corporate governance, natural resource management, research and development, economic analysis, risk management, product development, community consultation, community leadership and statutory organizations.

Juanita is currently Chair of the Cotton Innovation Network, Acting Chair of the GAB Coordinating Committee, Director of Cotton Seed Distributors, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Fellow of the Peter Cullen Trust.

In the past Juanita has been extensively involved with the water reform process for groundwater across the Namoi Valley and NSW and provided input into policy development for the groundwater structural adjustment program, the National Water Initiative and the Namoi Water Study. Juanita has previously been a director of the Cotton Research & Development Corporation and Namoi Catchment Management Authority.

Ms Sarah Moles, Environment sector representative

Sarah has lived on a small property on Queensland's Darling Downs for almost 30 years. Her professional background is in photography and graphic design, and she has also written and edited a number of books on rivers and wetlands. Sarah has worked on environmental issues for most of the past 20 years, including involvement on many natural resource management committees, and water and vegetation planning processes. Sarah spent four years on the Murray Darling Basin Ministerial Council's Community Advisory Committee; three years as a member of the The Living Murray Community Reference Group; two years as a member of the NSW Science and Information Board and five years as a Director of the Queensland Murray Darling Committee Inc. Sarah is currently a Director of Lock the Gate Ltd; a member of the Murray Darling Basin Authority's Northern Basin Advisory Council and a fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

Cr Cameron O'Neil, Local Government sector representative

Cameron has spent most of the past 10 years living and working in far western and south western Queensland. He is passionate about the future of regional Queensland and the contributions the next generation can make in shaping our community. Cameron calls Roma home and is the Queensland Murray Darling Committee's Natural Resource Management Development Coordinator, working across Queensland's Murray Darling catchment.

After completing a Bachelor of applied science in animal studies at the University of Queensland, Cameron worked for the former Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries before taking on roles within community run natural resource management organisations across regional Queensland.

Mr Alan Holt, Indigenous sector representative

The son of a Bidjiri Man and Iman Women of Central Queensland I was born and raised in Queensland. My working life has been an educational story, from working as a labourer, bus driver, university study and public sector worker and living in some of the most remote, majestic and diverse parts of Australia.

I'm passionate about looking after "country" and maintaining my Indigenous cultural heritage that I can pass onto my children and leave a legacy for future generations when it comes to learning about the looking after "country" learning and maintaining culture, learning and understanding people and respecting all three.

Mathew Paull, Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association representative

Mathew is the Policy Director for Queensland and New South Wales. He leads oil and gas industry input into a wide range of coal seam gas public policy issues in Queensland and New South Wales. This includes all new water regulations and legislation relating to the coal seam gas industry in Queensland, new environmental regulations for coal seam gas and new arrangements for land access.

Mrs Sue Ferguson, National Farmers Federation representative

Sue is a farmer at 'Ingie', Dirranbandi, in Queensland. She began her involvement in water reform as the secretary of the Culgoa Balonne Minor Water Users Association. She was an inaugural committee member and secretary of the Maranoa Balonne Catchment Management Association. Sue was also an inaugural member of the Dirranbandi Landcare and an executive member of the Waroo Balonna Regional Landcare Group. Sue has continued to build on her experience in water reform, becoming an Executive member, then a member, and finally Vice-Chair of the Queensland Murray Darling Committee. She is currently a member of the Queensland Great Artesian Basin Advisory Council and a member of the Queensland Water and Land Carers Board.

Mr Murray Tyler, Minerals Council of Australia representative

Murray has worked in the mining industry for over 25 years since graduating as a geologist. He now works as Senior Sustainability Advisor for BHP Billiton on the Olympic Dam expansion project. Prior to this he worked as the Senior Environmental Scientist at their Olympic Dam operation, with responsibility for environmental programs associated with groundwater and water supply to the site. Murray has a degree in geology and a Masters degree in Environmental Management, and has been involved with the Great Artesian Basin for the past 10 years. He is also a member of the South Australian Arid Lands NRM Board.

Mr Angus Emmott, Community representative, Environment

Angus Emmott is a third-generation pastoralist who lives on his property 'Noonbah' on the Thomson River, near Longreach in western Queensland, with his wife and two children. Angus has a passionate interest in the natural history of the Lake Eyre Basin and is internationally recognised for his contribution to museum collections. Angus is also credited with discovering a large number of new species across the channel country. Angus has had a long history of involvement in community-based natural resource management and was a founding member of the Lake Eyre Basin Coordinating Group. Angus is currently a member of Desert Channels Queensland Inc.

Mr Ed Fessey, Community representative, Agriculture

Ed runs a family sheep and cattle grazing enterprise with his wife Jill at “Bullabelalie” at Weilmoringle” on the Culgoa Floodplain, north of Brewarrina, New South Wales.

He has a deep interest in the management of our water resources and floodplains.  He has been actively involved in natural resource management as past Chair of the Brewarrina Native Vegetation Committee, current member of the Northern Basin Advisory Committee for the Murray Darling Basin Authority, Chair of the Lower Balonne Floodplain Association and as a member of the GABCC.

Mr Roderick Gilmour, Community representative, Queensland

Roderick Gilmour has over 25 years' experience as a Councillor with the Murilla Shire Council, including the last 13 years as Mayor. His particular interests are town planning, community housing and regional economic development and tourism. He has been a strong advocate for the maintenance of services in rural communities.

Roderick has also been the past President of the South West Queensland Local Government Association, a member of the Queensland Rural Ministerial Advisory Council, a Board member of South West Power and a member of the Miles and District Hospital Board. He is currently a Member of the Executive of the Local Government Association of Queensland Inc (link is external), Chairperson of the Queensland Great Artesian Basin Advisory Council and a member of the Management Committee for the Miles and District Historical Society Inc.

Roderick was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to local government and his community in the 2003 Queen's Birthday Orders List. He is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr Lynn Brake, Community representative, South Australia

Lynn has worked on numerous natural resource management projects in the outback of SA, Qld, and NT over the past forty years. He was born and raised on mixed fruit and cattle country in the Rocky Mountains of Utah in the USA. After completing Degrees in Biology and Bio-energetics, he worked for the US Federal EPA in Oregon on the effects of industrial pollution on aquatic ecosystems. He moved to SA in 1972 and was appointed to a teaching position resource management at the University of SA. He continued to teach and do research on natural resource policy and management at the University until he retired from teaching in 1996. He is now a senior research fellow of the University.

Lynn has served as a community bureaucrat on numerous boards, committees, and councils dealing with water policy and management in outback Australia for more than thirty years. He was formerly the Presiding member of the Arid Areas Catchment Water Management Board in SA. He was a founding member of the Great Artesian Basin Consultative Council and the Lake Eyre Basin Community Advisory Committee. He is an advisor on water policy and management for the SA Arid Lands (SAAL) Natural Resource Management Regional Board.

Mr Ranald Warby, Community representative, New South Wales

Ranald is a farmer and grazier who, with his wife, has resided since 1972 on "Barrakee", where they have raised their four children. Barrakee is one of 20 properties on a Bore Water Trust which is now capped and piped. He was a trustee of the Trust Bore for 10 years. He was also one of the founding members of the Bore Water Users' Association, formed in 1992, and was its chairman for 11 years.

Ranald was the GAB representative on the NSW Groundwater Policy Committee and is the landholder representative on the NSW Cap and Pipe the Bores Committee. He was on the NSW GAB Advisory Committee for eight years and is currently the NSW representative on the GABCC. Ranald's greatest desire is to ensure that the Great Artesian Basin is preserved for future generations.